29 Sep-3 Oct 2019 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (France)


Talks for speakers are 20 min + 5 min discussion

Keynote speakers: 50 min plus 10 min discussion


Day 1 : Sunday 29

Registration 16.00 to 18.00

18.00 Introductory remarks 


Keynote lecture

18.15-19.15.  Cedric Blanpain: The role of Sox transcription factors in regulating tumor heterogeneity.


Dinner and free evening discussions


Day 2 : Monday 30

7.00-8.45 am. Breakfast


Session 1: Evolution - Structure – Function (8.45-12.05)


Chairs: Lukas Sommer + Elisabeth Sock

  • 8.45-9.10. Michael Weiss: Biochemical tinkering and hopeful monsters in the evolution of SRY
  • 9.10-9.35. Jeremy Prokop: Evolutionary Landscape of SOX Genes to build a System Approach to Inform Genotype-to-Phenotype Relationships
  • 9.35-10.00. Alistair McGregor: Spiders have many Sox: Characterization of the expression and function of Sox genes in the spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum and other arachnids
  • 10.00-10.25. Steve Russell: Group B in insect segmentation and CNS development


10.25-10.50 coffee break


  • 10.50-11.15. Ralf Jauch: Programming cell fates with artificially evolved Sox transcription factors
  • 11.15-11.40. Kathryn Cheah: Molecular insights into mechanisms of campomelic dysplasia caused by the SOX9Y440Xmutation
  • 11.40-12.05. Carole LaBonne: Changing Sox: Roles of SoxB1 and SoxE Transcription Factors in the Evolution of a GRN Controlling Pluripotency and Neural Crest formation.
  • 12.05-12.30. Mathias Francois: Deciphering the mechanism of SOX18 search pattern on the chromatin uncovers the molecular aetiology of a rare vascular disorder.


12.30 lunch


Session 2:  SOX and Stem Cells (14.00-17.00)


Chairs: Peter Koopman + Carole LaBonne

  • 14.00-14.25. Hisato Kondoh: Changing SOX2 partners during the developmental progression of stem cells
  • 14.25-14.50. Sergiy Velychko: Breaking reprogramming barriers by enhancing Oct-Sox cooperativity
  • 14.50-15.15. Walfred Tang: The critical role of SOX17 in human germline development
  • 15.15-15.40. Freddy Wong: SOX17 couples with OCT4 to initiate human PGC specification


15:40-16.10 coffee break


  • 16.10-16.35. Aixa Morales: From Quiescence to proliferation and back: The active Life of Neural Stem Cells. 
  • 16.35-17.00. Silvia Kirsten Nicolis: Sox2 shapes 3D functional genome architecture in brain-derived neural stem cells 


Session 3: Soxs and Pathologies (17.00-17.50)


Chairs: Kathy Cheah + Mathias Francois

  • 17.00-17.25. Veronique Lefebvre: SOXopathies: a growing family of developmental disorders due to SOX mutations
  • 17.25-17.50. Monica Beltrame: Defining SoxF regulatory networks in vascular and lymphatic development in zebrafish


Dinner and discussions


19.30 Poster Session (open end)


Day 3. Tuesday 01

7.00-8.45 am. Breakfast


Session 3: Soxs and Pathologies (continued) (8.45-12.30)


Chairs: Kathy Cheah + Mathias Francois

  • 8.45-9.10. Chris Lau: The Roles of the Y-Located SRY Gene in Sex Differences in Health and Diseases
  • 9.10-9.35. Marco Angelozzi: Intramembranous bone formation critically relies on SOXC expression in progenitor cells
  • 9.35-10.00. Dawei Sun: Investigating SOX2 and SOX9 function in human fetal lung progenitor cells. 
  • 10.00-10.25. Robert Kelsh: Sox10 and fate specification of neural crest-derived pigment cells-the cellular environment


10.25-10.50 coffee break


  • 10.50-11.15. Masami Kanai-Azuma: Defects in the early crypt formation of the uterine epithelia in Sox17 heterozygous mice
  • 11.15-11.40. Yoshiakira Kanai: Gallbladder Wall Abnormality in Biliary Atresia of Mouse Sox17+/- Neonates and Human Infants
  • 11.40-12.05. Vince Harley: A gene only in males contributes to male bias in experimental PD
  • 12.05-12.30. Hiroshi Asahara: Characterization of a novel Sox9 enhancer and down-stream targets with implications in Arthritis parthenogenesis and therapeutics. 

12.30 lunch


13.30 Excursion


20.30 Gala dinner and party


Day 4. Wednesday 02

7.00-8.45 am. Breakfast


Session 4: Sex determination and Sexual Differentiation (8.30-12.05)


Chairs: Vince Harley + Masai Kanai-Azuma

  • 8.45-9.10. Peter Koopman: Going nuts: SRY function in sex determination
  • 9.10-9.35. Robin Lovell-Badge: The regulation of Sox9 during gonadal development
  • 9.35-10.00. Andrew Sinclair: Human sex reversal is caused by duplication or deletion of core enhancers upstream of SOX9
  • 10.00-10.25. Dagmar Wilhelm: Sex with one Sox


10.25-10.50 coffee break


  • 10.50-11.15. Marie-Christine Chaboissier: Female-to-male sex reversal is driven by different Sox genes.
  • 11.15-11.40. Francis Poulat: Relationships between SOX9 and Trim28
  • 11.40-12.05. Andrew Pask: SOX9 shows a rapid response to oestrogen in humans


12.30 Lunch


Session 5: Neuronal Development (14.00-12.00)


Chairs: Steve Russel + Karine Rizzoti 

  • 14.00-14.25. Mercurio Sara: Sox2 expression in thalamic neurons is required for the development of the visual system
  • 14.25-14.50. Elena Silva: Neurogenesis and disease driven by varying Sox11 protein interactions
  • 14.50-15.15. Alessia Caramello: Region-specific roles of SOX9 during brain neuroepithelial progenitor cell fate acquisition
  • 15.15-15.40. Ann Morris: Exploring the role of SoxC factors in eye development: novel insights from zebrafish


15.40-16.10 coffee break


  • 15.40-16.05. Michael Wegner: Sox10 and transcriptional control in myelinating glia
  • 16.05-16.30. Christophe Galichet: Proliferation and differentiation of Median Eminence Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells is required for normal function ofthe hypothalamo-pituitary axis
  • 16.30-16.55. Li-Jin Chew: Sox17 regulates Notch during the development and regeneration of white matter Oligodendrocytes



16.30h Steering committee discussions (closed)


Dinner and free evening discussions


Day 5. Thursday 03

7.00-8.45 am. Breakfast


Session 6: SOXs in Tissue Homeostasis, Repair and Cancer (8.45-11.15)


Chairs: Veronique Lefebvre + Michael Wegner

  • 8.45-9.10. Martin Cheung: Targeting SOX9 expression in human neural stem cells is a therapeutic strategy for spinal cord injury
  • 9.10-9.35. Lukas Sommer: The Role of Injury-Activated Glia in Wound Healing
  • 9.35-10.00. Karine Rizzoti: Functional characterization of the interaction between SOX2 and p27KIP1 during tumorigenesis.


10.00 -10.25 coffee break


  • 10.25-10.50. Sabine Stöckl: The role of Sox9 in chondrosarcoma
  • 10.50-11.15. Carlos Moreno: SOX4 regulates invasion of bladder cancer cells via repression of WNT5a
  • 11.15-11.35. Jonas Muhr: SOX21 is Required for the Activation of Antitumorigenic Responses in Neural Stem Cells



The future of SOX & closing remarks: Peter Koopman, Francis Poulat, Andreas Schedl

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